expansion of consciousness


individual session

Expansion of Consciousness is the fruit of 12 years of psychic development on cosmic consciousness.

This individual session offers, through channeled protocols, a complete transformation of your physical, emotional and mental body for the benefit of a new psychic intelligence.

Expansion of Consciousness propels you into an infinite movement of consciousness. It allows you to completely get rid of a mental limitations, emotional heaviness and many issues of unconsciousness. You will contact, through new psychic openings, a real conscious communication with your different expressions of consciousness.

Expansion of Consciousness gives birth within yourself to a real liberty of being, new energetic resources, a strong psychic force and the manifestation of your own cosmic intelligence.

Are you ready to open up to infinity?


You are aware that a void lives in you

Your frantic mind stuns you

You lose taste for life

Your daily life no longer fulfills you


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